AP Exam Review Material (APUSH)

Rice University AP Exam Prep – Student Resources

The material found here includes PowerPoint presentations with voice over material provided by experienced AP teachers who also work as consultants for the College Board.  Some of the material here we may use in class, but most is simply provided as supplement to your at home study/review for the AP exam.

Below you will find review materials aligned with the AP exam. You are encouraged to work through each module, view instructor presentations, and challenge yourself with sample quizzes that contain questions from past released exams.

Various Online Reviews for APUSH and US History (Review Videos)

Dr. Benjamins’ AP Review Materials

“Smith’s Study Packets”

2015 APUSH Short Answer Questions, DBQ, & Long Essay Questions with Rubrics & Student Responses

Kaho Adachi’s APUSH Review for Women’s History