Summer 2016 Assignments

All MHS students at any level of advanced US History (APUSH or AP/DC or DC) must complete the following assignments prior to August 22nd. Please be sure to follow all directions and email Dr. Benjamins if you have any questions at the following email address:

Introduction: Greetings future US History students. Many of you will have an opportunity to complete this assignment after the World History AP exam. If you did not complete this during that time you MUST complete it prior to the start of the Fall 2016 semester.

Special Note: Information will also be posted over the summer at various times. Please check each of the APUSH and DC teacher’s web sites and get familiar with the layout and look over some materials. Additionally, there will be one assignment posted a week before school starts on August 16, 2016. This will also need to be completed prior to the first day of class.

****** Final Summer Assignment- American Colonies Chart (posted 8-16-16) ******

Mrs. Boyd’s Web Site:

Mr. Gallos’ Web Site:

**All assignments should be completed in pen or online and will be due the first day of the Fall 2016 Semester. (For those that completed this in your WHAP classes and turned them in, they will be given to your US History teachers before the first day of school.)

Textbook Chapters and Questions – Students will read the first two chapters of the APUSH textbook American History: Connecting with the Past, 15th Edition by Alan Brinkley, AND complete Study Questions for each chapter. Also, students will read Chapter three from Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States and complete study questions. This assignment must be handwritten to demonstrate that each student has completed the assignment individually.

APUSH Summer 2016 Assignment – Textbook Questions

Brinkley-American History-Ch 1

Brinkley-American History-Ch 2

Zinn-A People’s History of the US-Chapter 3

Crash Course Videos and Questions – Students will watch three Crash Course US History videos and answer questions. These videos will have embedded questions that students will answer online as they watch the films. Students will be able to rewind the film to help answer questions but you will not be able to skip ahead. Also, you must access the video through the link provided and register following the directions so that your answers can be recorded. Information about where to find the videos and directions to register can be found an the page link below.

APUSH Summer 2016 Assignment – Crash Course Videos